Whatever we create,

It must be


Habitant creates the full value of aesthetics.

The value of aesthetics attracts people.
It breathes life into the places, businesses and people.

Space and environment with
creations for the people.
And we spread that harmony to the world.


Habitant, founded by Joomyoung Song in 2004.
Artists of Habitant created aesthetic values by applying graphic artwork movements to urban environments, cultural facilities and retail. and artists have become project groups to boutique studios and now to the creative company consisting of professional producers, managers, graphic designers, moving image designers, space designers, musicians and engineering experts.


The perspective of people in Habitant,
who understands this age, the value of Craftsmanship & Perfection has expanded the area of Habitant’s activities from moving graphic to brand identity design, media facade, space design and art.

For the result of it, the artworks of Habitant have won the Grand Prize of Resfest, the Good Design Presidential Award, 132 awards in CES 2019 and the Red Dot Award, and so on.

As designers and artists, we have created depth in the media environment and led the field by performing aesthetic functions in this era.
Now we go further towards the world. We communicate our talents and wisdom, which have been used as sharp assets in the marketing & arts industries, to the public flexibly and diversely.

In 2019, Habitant developed the product and had our own eyewear brand Labor.
We successfully entered the leading markets in the States and EU. Labor has become a great tool for life for people around the world.

We will continue to influence the world and people
with perspective of aesthetic.

Habitant’s process

For the full potential for every project.



Encompassing consulting programme

A media artwork installation goes beyond the category of design and art at this age.
Now it becomes a spatial icon that performs functions
such as a purposeful landmark, generating advertising revenue, operating public art from the brands, and communicating brand essence has now become more than a video wall.

For the full potential for every project,
habitant provides feasibility, entitlements, space & media structure design, software & technology development, content production, art curation, and management.

Art, branding, and marketing at the forefront activities from inhouse, as well as the world’s leading experts, habitant’s global network, provides a cutting-edge planning process from the team composed of the architect, spatial designer, advertising & event agency, curator, and artist.
Habitant provides practical consulting regardless of country, region, scale, and format for inquiries related to media installation.

Flexibility with over a decade of experience

Building purposeful landmarks construction requires various expertise.
Intuition and flexibility, the best technology and networks, but most importantly, the passion derived from our decades of diverse project experience in bringing ideas to realization always develop projects efficiently.


Habitant’s people

  • Joomyoung Song

    Founder, Executive Director

  • Cinmu Lee

    Executive Producer

  • Soon Moon

    Dir.of Business, Chief Designer

  • Minjae Kim

    Chief Designer

  • Gyujin Cho

    Senior Producer

  • Areum Han


  • Uk Seo

    Graphic & Product Designer

  • Dohee Han

    Director of Photography

  • Joohyun Lee

    Dir. of global art curation & managing

  • Hojun Song

    Technical Dir.